Movie 6min

The Return of the Crusader (1908)

Original title: Le retour du croisé
Not rated.

Director Louis Feuillade
Country France
Language French
(Alternative) Retour du croisé
(Original) Le retour du croisé
(Short) Le Croisé
(Alternative) The Crusader’s Return
Black and White Crusader Crusades in the Holy Land Drama Escape Historical Drama History Knight Lost Film Middle Ages Short Silent Film War

Knights leave for the crusade. When bidding farewell to his wife, one of them receives a necklace and a medal. In Palestine, the knight is wounded on the battlefield. Believing his death to be near, he gives his chain and his medal to his page. But he survives and the Saracens take him captive. During a revolt of the prisoners, he managed to escape, returned to France, and hurried to his castle. Anonymous, dressed as a beggar, attends the wedding of his "widow" and his page. The unfortunate goes away, his heart bruised. – First film in a "medieval" series that Louis Feuillade is shooting in Carcassonne with the support of the Aude tourist office, assisted by Etienne Arnaud as director of the second team (filming title: "Le Départ pour the crusade"). The photos from the film are converted into postcards intended, like the films, to promote the newly restored city in terms of tourism.

Source: Hervé Dumont - Translated

In 1908 Louis Feuillade Cité de Carcassonne to film three medieval films in open air with costumes, and "Retour du croisé" was one of them.

11 Scenes
A courtyard of the castle... (Une cour du château...)
A courtyard of the castle, at the time of departure for the crusade.
Knights, soldiers, etc. A knight, the lord of the house, bids farewell to his young wife and next to him his faithful page who follows him on the crusade.
Before leaving her husband, the young woman puts a chain and a medal around his neck.
The departure of the crusaders, with cries of "God wills it!"
A castle tower. (Une tour du château.)
The Châtelaine at the top of a tower bids farewell to the starters, towards whom she directs her scarf.
In the Holy Land. (En Terre Sainte.)
A corner of the battlefield by the sea.
Corpses and wounded; among these, the lord whom his faithful page seeks. The page having found his master, the latter tells him to abandon him, that he is going to die. And he gives the page the chain and the medal which must be given to the chatelaine.
Moors, however, who stripped the wounded, seized the lord who returned to him and carried him away.
The return of the page. (Le retour du page.)
The page returns, he gives the chatelaine the message of the husband.
The grieving chatelaine... (La châtelaine en deuil...)
The grieving chatelaine and the whole family pray for the one believed to be dead.
A convoy of Christians... (Un convoi de chrétiens...)
A convoy of Christians, chained crusaders led by the Moors towards a fortress where the standard surmounted by the crescent floats
A revolt. (Une révolte.)
The captive Crusaders, busy with earthworks, revolt, kill a few guards and escape to the seas where they embark.
At sea. (En mer.)
We see the Crusaders' boat. One of them shouts "Land".
The road. (La route)
The Lord hastens to his castle. He's absolutely ragged, he comes like a beggar.
And he attends the wedding... (Et il assiste aux noces...)
And he attends the wedding of his wife and his ex-page.
So as not to disturb their happiness... (Pour ne pas troubler leur bonheur...)
So as not to disturb their happiness, he goes away without having made himself known, and when he arrives on the way, he cries while looking on the horizon, the towers of his castle.
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