Movie 5min

The Little Globe Trotter (1906)

Original title: Le Noël du Petit Savoyard
Not rated.

Director Alice Guy-Blaché
Country France
Language French
(Original) Le Noël du Petit Savoyard
Black and White Children Christmas Drama Dreams Family Reunion Journey Miracles Mother-Son Relationship Poverty Short Silent Film The Nativity Vision

Our subject opens with the parting scene of mother and son. The latter, equipped with the wanderer's staff, an extra pair of shoes, the little supply of edibles done up in a 'kerchief and the harmonica.

The lad is scarcely more than ten and looks regretfully into the eyes of his mother as they are about to part. A party of friends join the pair, and together they walk a distance, when the mother is permitted to have a last little stroll with the boy. After the separation he struts manfully along, and when he reaches the first town he places his belongings to one side and plays on his instrument, hoping to receive charity of some kind. He is, however, greatly disappointed, as he receives a beating from the apparent landlord, and a lot of boys hoot and sneer at him.

Taking his possessions he wanders on and, when evening comes, we see him sit down alongside the road and endeavor to sleep. The shelter of the underbrush is meager and he is soon chilled so that, tucking his collar around his neck, he wanders on in vain effort to keep warm. As he draws near to a dwelling in the clearing he drops his possessions and, hesitating an instant, he faints from exhaustion. As the boy lies there on the ground he has the vision of the birth of Christ in the manger at Bethlehem. This is very beautifully reproduced.

It is bitterly cold, and the snow is lightly filtering a sheet of white over the prostrate form as a man and woman about to go away observe the lad and his possessions scattered over the ground. Tenderly they gather him up and carry him into the warm house, where he soon revives and tells his story. He is cared for and given every comfort of the home.

The lad has grown and has been away from his home several years, when the love for his home and mother become so strong that he finally concludes to return. He imparts his wishes to His foster parents, and although they have learned to love the lad they cheerfully consent to his departure. The time for departure has come. We see the man break the savings bank of clay to give its contents to the lad and clad in a heavy suit and cap he takes his accordion and, after an affectionate farewell, he starts out on his journey to home and mother.

Finally reaching his destination we see him stop at the gate and, taking his accordion, he plays, but scarcely has he started when a woman comes forth in haste, and after a quick survey tlte two are in each other's embrace.

A very pathetic story, well rendered.

Source: Revised List of High Class Original Films Catalog

8 Scenes
The departure of the little Savoyard. (Le départ du petit Savoyard.)
The last goodbyes. (Les derniers adieux.)
Exhausted from fatigue. (Épuisé de fatigue.)
The snow is falling. The dream. (La neige tombe. Le Rêve.)
Discovery of the body. Collected. (Découverte du corps. Recueilli.)
At the Fireside. (Au coin du feu.)
Good souls. The Tireline. (Bonnes âmes. La Tireline.)
The return. (Le Retour.)
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