Movie 44min

The Life And Passion of Jesus Christ (1906 - 1907)

Original title: Vie et Passion de N.S Jésus-Christ

Directors Ferdinand Zecca , Segundo de Chomón
(Original) Vie et Passion de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ
(Short) Life and Passion of Christ
(Alternative) Passion Play
(Original) Vie et Passion de N.S Jésus-Christ
(Short) Passion Pathé
(Importer) Pathé Frères
Biblical Drama Drama Jesus Christ

After the success of Alice Guy-Blaché’s "The Birth, Life and Death of Christ" from 1906 Ferdinand Zecca went into works of refilming his 1902-1905 films for "Life and Passion of Jesus Christ". That resulted in this version. This is the DVD released version of the film, although most pages say it is the 1903 version wich it's based on. The first part, "The Birth of Jesus", was released at the end of 1906, whilst the rest was released in full four parts in 1907 (some claim that there were five parts). A shorter version was also released in 1908. The four parts are "Birth of Jesus", "The childhood of Jesus", "Miracles and Public Life" and "Passion and death of Jesus". If one divides the movie into scenes, the previous 27 has here been expanded into 31.

Birth of Jesus (Naissance de Jésus)

The Birth of Jesus was presented at the Omnia Pathé, Paris, at the end of 1906 and at the Nouvel Alcazar, Lyon, on 1.3.1907, accompanied by Noël d'Adam, sung by the tenor Boulaz.
The Annunciation (L’Annonciation)
Mary and Joseph Arrive in Bethlehem (Marie et Joseph arrivent à Bethléem)
The Mysterious Star (L’Étoile mystérieuse)
March to the Star (Marche à l’Étoile)
Birth and Adoration of the Magi (Naissance et Adoration des Mages)
Childhood of Jesus (Enfance)
The Massacre of the Innocents (Le massacre des Innocents)
The Flight into Egypt (La fuite en Égypte)
An Archangel Protects Their Flight (Un archange protège leur fuite)
Rest at the Fountain (Le repos à la fontaine)
Arrival in Egypt (L’arrivée en Égypte)
The Holy Family in Nazareth (La Sainte famille à Nazareth)
The Holy Family at Work (La Sainte famille au travail)
Jesus among the Doctors (Jésus parmi les docteurs)
Miracles and Public Life of Jesus (Miracles et vie)
Baptism (Le Baptême)
The Wedding at Cana (Les Noces de Cana)
Mary Magdalene (Marie Madeleine)
The Samaritan (La Samaritaine)
The Resurrection of the Daughter of Jairus (La Résurrection de la fille de Jaïre)
Walking on Water (La marche sur les eaux)
The Resurrection of Lazarus (La résurrection de Lazare)
The Transfiguration (La transfiguration)
The Passion and Death (Passion et mort)
Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (L’entrée à Jérusalem le jour des Rameaux)
Jesus Drives the Merchants out of the Temple (Jésus chasse les marchands du temple)
The Lord's Supper (La Cène)
The Kiss of Judas on the Mount of Olives (Le baiser de Judas au Mont des Oliviers)
Jesus Before Caiaphas (Jésus devant Caïphe)
The Denial of Saint Peter (Le reniement de Saint Pierre)
Jesus before Pilate (Jésus devant Pilate)
The Scourging - The Crowning of Thorns (La flagellation - Le couronnement d’épines)
Jesus is Presented to the People (Jésus est présenté au peuple)
Jesus Falls under the Weight of his Cross Miracle of Saint Veronica (Jésus tombe sous le poids de sa croix Miracle de Sainte Véronique)
Calvary - The Crucifixion (Le calvaire - La mise en croix)
Agony and Death (Agonie et mort)
Descent from the Cross (La descente de croix)
The Entombment (La mise au tombeau)
The Resurrection (La résurrection)
The Ascension (L’ascension)
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Julienne Mathieu - Mary
Ferdinand Zecca - Director
Segundo de Chomón - Director
Much more than the images

I've been doing a lot of research on this movie and looked at a lot of frames from it until I finally took the 44 minutes and actually watched it, and, I must say, it is a much better experience than I imagined. Everything is better moving than the single frames, and the scenes themselves are a lot of takes compared to older movies where each scene consisted of one take. Each scene was a bit longer than I anticipated. I found it fascinating how one can track moviemaking innovation in how much more a movie showed in 1907 than only a few years before. The scope of the movie is also good, covering many parts of Jesus' life and much more than mainly the Passion. Even nonbiblical depictions of Jesus' childhood are present which was oddly satisfying to watch. The coloring(probably from a later date than 1907) also adds to the story a lot - emphasizing important effects. This is a very well preserved feature of the time(which speaks of its popularity) and we are lucky to have it, as well as it's nice to see it released in multiple DVD versions. Definitely worth a watch.