Movie 9min

The Legend of the Holy Chapel (1910)

Original title: La légende de la Sainte-Chapelle
A wonderful dramatic production in which M. Le Barcy, the eminent French tragedian, does the grandest work of his career.
Not rated.

Director André Calmettes
Country France
Language French
(Original) La légende de la Sainte-Chapelle
(Le Film d’Art) Pathé Frères
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Architecture Black and White Chapel Drama Legend Miracles Short Silent Film Work

In honor of the consecration of the relics of the Holy Passion, the good King Louis decides to build a new chapel. He accordingly posts a notice in every school and college of his domain, calling to competition all the architects and structural craftsmen in the land, the most able of all to have the honor and the contract. One of the cleverest and most ambitious students in the land is Pierre de Montereau, and we see him in his workshop where he reads the king's notice and determines to win the prize. Then he sets to work with a vim, and it is conceded by all that victory is his. From another part of the land there now comes one Jehan, a dark, villainous man, who has heard of Pierre, and plans to ensnare him so as to filch the plans from him. He contrives to meet the youth, and by flattery and cajolery inveigles him into an inn. Here he fills the unsuspecting student with liquor and finally induces him to go for a walk in the woods, in fact he more drags than invites him. But when they are well in the wilderness Pierre cannot resist the drowsiness that comes over him, and insists on lying down. As soon as he falls asleep Jehan tries to take from his person the plans for the chapel. Pierre quickly awakens, and there is a desperate duel after which Pierre falls lifeless. Jehan goes back to the city and at once sets to work building the chapel from the plans he has stolen. But the conscience of the sinner is a torture; in every man working with him he sees Pierre; vision after vision comes before him in which the workmen play the part of Pierre, his victim. He cannot endure it; it is maddening. Suddenly he sees the finished chapel. The king and the chancellor are there. He is receiving the honors of the successful architect. The king gives him the honor of first prayer in the new edifice. Slowly he approaches the altar, but no sooner has he touched the rail, when there is a flash of flame and Pierre stands before him. Jehan utters a yell, and the laborers gather round him. He cannot explain. His brain is afire, his conscience smites him. He orders that the work be abandoned, and in a frenzy ends his own existence.

Source: Moving Picture World

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Roger Monteaux -
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André Calmettes - Director