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The Crusader (1911)

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Castle Crusader Crusades in the Holy Land Deception Drama Lost Film Middle Ages Monk Romance Short Silent Film

DEALING with the period of the Crusades to the Holy Land this subject is notable for its exquisite setting. The principal scenes are enacted at a fine mediæval castle and all the details of costume and staging are accurate and on the most lavish scale. The story deals with the sufferings of a fair lady at the hands of an unfaithful steward during the absence of the knight of the castle at the Holy Wars. Through the efforts of the page, the machinations of the steward and a false friar are defeated and virtue triumphs.

Source: Kinemacolor Film Catalogue 1912-1913

Synopsis - 6 scenes
The Departure of the Knight.
The knight entrusts the care of his wife and child to his steward who swears to be faithful, and the knight then pays farewell to his lady and we see him andhis retainers depart. This is a very fine scene, the tapestry and emblems on thewalls being magnificently reproduced.
The Steward 's Passion.
The steward has fallen in love with his master's wife, and while she i out walking in the vicinity of the castle he declars his passion. She repulses him, whereupon he threatens her. The lady's faithful page comes to her assistance.
The False Friar.
The steward plots with a false friar to anuounce the death of his master in the Holy Land. This announcement is made by the steward and the pilgrim bears him out in every detail. The page, who is listening, declares his disbelief of the whole story, whereupon he and the lady are seized.
One of the castle maidens secures a rope by means of which she assists the page to escape and he sets forth in search of his master, whom he finds by the roadside.
The Knight's Return.
The knight enters his castle unrecognized and unannounced. The steward is holding high revels, and his master, simulating the part of a wandering minstrel, plays one of his own favourite tunes. The steward roughly tells him not to play that tune and the knight then discloses his identity.
The Death of the Steward.
The knight draws his sword, but before he can strike, the steward plunges a dagger into his own breast, and husband and wife are soon in one another's arms.
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