Movie 11min

Miracle of a Necklace (1909)

Original title: Le Miracle du Collier
Not rated.

Director Jean Durand
Country France
Language French
(Original) Le Miracle du Collier
(Alternative) The Miracle of a Necklace
Black and White Cathedral Church Drama Execution Miracles Short Silent Film St. Mary Vision

The substance of the story is that a starving musician entering a church to offer his devotions before the Virgin, is given the necklace suspended around her neck. He disposes of it to obtain money with which to buy food; is arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to execution, but before the headsman can do his work the Virgin appears and places the necklace again around his neck, and assists him to escape before the officials recover from their consternation.

Source: The Moving Picture World, December 11, 1909 - Excrept from review

A story of the middle ages, told in a series of exquisite photographs. A wandering street singer being refused alms, is in a starving condition. He enters the church of the Notre Dame and appeals to a statue of the Virgin for help. She comes to life and gives him a valuable necklace which she wears. As he leaves the church he is followed by two villagers. He goes to a jew and sells the necklace. Meanwhile the villagers have informed the police and the minstrel is arrested, taken before the tribunal, charged with sacrilege and condemned to the block. Just as the axe of the headsman is about to fall, the Virgin appears in a vision, presents the necklace to the condemned minstrel, strikes off his bonds and bids him escape. His would-be executioners, fall upon their knees in adoration. Interest never lags throughout this story and it will prove a welcome addition to any exhibition room.

Source: Show World - November 1909

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Jean Durand - Director