Documentary 4min

Dreyfus Trial Scenes (1899)

Original title: Scènes du Procès de Rennes
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Director Julius W. Orde
Country France
Language French
(Original) Scènes du Procès de Rennes
(Translated) Scenes from the Rennes Trial
Actuality Film Alfred Dreyfus Anti-Semitism Black and White Documentary Jew People Prison Short Silent Film

At the Rennes retrial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, Julius W. Orde was filming a few scenes for the Biograph and Mutoscope Company. The scenes contain pictures of Alfred Dreyfus, his family, his lawyer, and other actors involved. The footage is currently preserved in the Film Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

There is some overlap between the footage with a film from GParchives marked "Proces d'Emile Zola"[1] but it is uncertain if they are the same film or if some scenes here are borrowed.

8 scenes
Julius W. Orde filmed 8 scenes surrounding the events of the trial of Captain Dreyfus. They are listed here using the titles from BFI.
Captain Alfred Dreyfus In Prison
View from above of the prison courtyard showing Dreyfus and an accompanying officer walking out of one door and in through another. Sequence repeated.

Translated from Korean: "News of Dreyfus's retrial attracted media attention, and hundreds of reporters gathered in Rennes. Film companies also joined in, and on July 1st, when Dreyfus was transferred, Ren was already full of lenses. However, the authorities judged that Dreyfus's photos or videos could stir up public opinion, so Dreyfus was quickly transferred to the camp without even a single picture taken, and locked in a room closed with a shutter, shut off from the outside world. Movie cameras at the time were much larger, heavier, and noisy, making them unsuitable for taking pictures secretly. Nevertheless, Julius W. Orde succeeded in filming Dreyfus after tenacious efforts. Hearing that Dreyfus went out for a walk regularly, he secretly installed a camera on the roof of a nearby building and waited for several days before he was able to take pictures of the sentry and Dreyfus outside. However, the filming was soon exposed and Dreyfus hurriedly went inside and the filming ended. Orde screened this film at the Palace Theater in London." [1]
Madame Dreyfus Leaving the Prison
Lucie Dreyfus and her brother-in-law Mathieu Dreyfus walking along street, with panning shot.
Captain Alfred Dreyfus Court Scene 1
Scenes in Rennes in front of the Lycée court building.
Captain Alfred Dreyfus Court Scene 2
The car arrives at the gates of the school. A woman probably comes out of it, Lucie Dreyfus. Large gathering of military officers
Captain Alfred Dreyfus Court Scene 3
Foot and horse guards, lined up outside the Lycée; a figure comes out of the building, presumably Dreyfus
Captain Alfred Dreyfus Court Scene 4
Possibly General Mercier standing near the main door and Dreyfus's lawyer, Fernand Labori, may be in this scene, as British audiences cheered
Captain Alfred Dreyfus Court Scene 5
A large crowd of journalists (some with cameras) walks out of the trial room.
Dreyfus Walking from the Lycée to the Prison / Captain Alfred Dreyfus Court Scene 6
Figures leave court room including Dreyfus (only half-visible) past the guards on foot and on horseback all with their backs turned. Dreyfus followed as he passes to the left by panning shot. Guards then disperse.


Dreyfus, seen from above the court of the prison, accompanied by an officer, go through one door and enter through another.
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