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Constant Girel au Japon (1897 - 1898)


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Directors Constant Girel , Gabriel Veyre
Countries France Japan
Language French
Aborigines Actuality Film Black and White Buddhist Temple Culture Dance Documentary Kyoto Martial Arts People Pilgrimage Procession Shinto Short Silent Film Theatre Tokyo Tradition

In December 1896 François-Constant Girel embarked for Japan in order to set up projection stations in the main cities together with Inabata Katsutaro. When doing this, he brought back the first eight views of the Lumière production filmed in the Far East. The clips contained different aspects of Japanese culture, including Kendo, Shinto religion, dances, and everyday life. Some of the end results were first shown in Lyon on December 26. 1897. On the second Lumiere trip to Japan, he was replaced by Gabriel Veyre, who filmed the rest of the clips.

18 films
The series of films Constant Girel and later Gabriel Veyre made in Japan contains 18 views. In the Lumiere Catalog, they are numbered 733-742, 925-926, and 975-980 (not in chronological order).
Japanese Dinner (Dîner japonais)
A group of Japanese has a meal. Original title: "Japon : un dîner japonais"
Family Meal (Repas en famille)
A Japanese family is having tea.
Arrival of a Train (Arrivée d’un train)
A train enters the station in front of the crowd massed on the platform. Original title: "Japon: arrivée d'un train"
Unloading in a Port (Déchargement dans un port)
Porters remove a pile of fish in baskets while others carry the bundles on their shoulders.
A Bridge in Kyoto (Un pont à Kyoto)
Pedestrian and rickshaw traffic. Original title: "Japon: un pont à Kyoto"
A Street in Tokyo (Une rue à Tokyo)
Pedestrian and rickshaw traffic on a street.
Shinto Procession (Procession shintoïste)
Passage of a procession with some members carrying high banners and lanterns. Original title "L'animation pour le défilé du palanquin du temple Yakasa" and "Procession schintoïste au Japon"
Japanese Dancers (Danseuses japonaises)
Dancers perform different movements carrying parasols. Original title: "La danse des parasols des geishas de Gion-Schinchi"
The Ainos in Yeso, I (Les Aïnos à Yeso, I)
Traditional dance performed by four men. Original title: "Japon : danse religieuses des Aïnos"
The Ainos in Yeso, II (Les Aïnos à Yeso, II)
Ainos perform a traditional dance: the women dance on the spot while a man walks around them. Original title: "Japon : danse religieuses des Aïnos"
Japanese Wrestlers (Lutteurs japonais)
Two men in traditional costume are engaged in a sword fight.
Japanese Saber Fencing (Escrime au sabre japonais)
Kendo demonstration. Original title: "Japon: escrime au sabre"
A Scene at the Japanese Theater (Une scène au théâtre japonais)
A suite of tableaux vivants performed by Japanese actors.
Japanese Actors: Man Dance (Acteurs japonais: danse d’homme)
Dance performed by a Japanese actor.
Japanese Actors: Wig Exercise (Acteurs japonais: exercice de la perruque)
Lion dance performed by three men.
Japanese Actors: Sword Battle (Acteurs japonais: bataille au sabre)
An acrobatic fight scene between several men armed with spears and sabers. Original title: "Marubashi Chuya joué par Sadanji, acteur de Tokyo"
Dancers: The Fan Dance (Danseuses: la danse des éventails)
Dancers perform different movements carrying fans. Original title: "Japon: danses des éventails"
Exit from a Shinto temple (Sortie d’un temple shintoïste)
Comings and goings of pilgrims in the aisle leading to the temple.
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Katsutaro Inabata - Himself (Kikuko's father)
Kikuko Inabata - Himself
Noriko Inabata - Herself
Natsu - Himself (Katsutaro Inabata's niece)
Sadanji Ichikawa - Hilmself, as Actor
Constant Girel - Director
Constant Girel - Cinematography
Gabriel Veyre - Director
Gabriel Veyre - Cinematography