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Church And Stage (1912)

A cleric's wife leaves him to become a dancer. They reunite at a church fete.
Not rated.

Black and White Career Church Dancing Drama Husband-Wife Relationship Lost Film Priest Short Silent Film

Lionel Chance, a young fellow of about 23, originally intended to adopt the church as his career, but having a conscientious scruple on the point, and fearing that he would not be fitted for the calling decided after mature consideration to abandon the idea. Soon after he has come to this decision he is at a theatre, when he sees a beautiful young dancer called Poppy Hynes, and becomes completely infatuated with her. He obtains an introduction to the girl, and pleads his cause so successfully that in a few weeks the pair are quietly married at a registry office. For a time all goes well, but after a year of married life, Poppy, though she still loves her husband, finds her present mode of life insufferably dull after the excitement and glitter of the stage, and at last, unable to bear it any longer, writes her husband a note to the effect that she has gone back to the stage to take up her profession of dancing once more, and has determined not to enter his life again. Stricken down by this great sorrow Lionel's thoughts once more turn in the direction of the church, and he finally takes orders, and is appointed to the curacy of a country village. Three years pass, and Lionel and his vicar are busy organising a village fete in the vicarage grounds. Just at the last minute they receive a telegram from a famous dancer who was to appear, saying that it is quite impossible for her to fulfil her engagement as she has sprained her ankle, but she is sending an excellent substitute. When the time for the entertainment approaches the substitute appears, and turns out to be none other than Poppy. In the middle of her dance Lionel, who has been busy in another part of the grounds, joins the ring of spectators. Their eyes meet, and both stand for a minute struck with amazement, and then Poppy falls fainting to the ground. Lionel, quickly picking her up in his arms, carries her into the Vicarage, and is seen bending over the girl kissing her fondly in his endeavours to revive her by three old gossips who quickly spread the news of what is going on. Lionel, however, quickly explains how matters stand to his vicar, and the latter amazes the assembled company by introducing Poppy to them as Lionel's' wife. The pair are then left alone together, and Poppy, flinging herself into her husband's arms, acknowledges her mistake, and vows never to leave him again.

Source: Cinema News and Property Gazette (1912)

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Marie de Solla - Gossip
Gladys Sylvani - Poppy Hymes
Alec Worcester - Lionel Chance
Warwick Buckland - Director