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Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Armenian Archbishop, Rome, The 1898 William K.L. Dickson Italy, United Kingdom English NR
Capuchin Monks, Rome 1898 1min William K.L. Dickson Italy, United Kingdom English 7
Celebration of 'St. Cyril and Methodius' 1905 1min Milton Manaki, Janaki Manaki North Macedonia Macedonian 6
Constant Girel au Japon 1897 - 1898 15min Constant Girel, Gabriel Veyre France, Japan French 7
Corpus Christi Procession, Orvieto 1898 1min William K.L. Dickson Italy, United Kingdom English 5
Couronnement du tsar Nicolas II à Moscou 1896 8min Charles Moisson France, Russia French 6
Delhi, Great Capital of India 1909 4min Camille Legrand France, India English 8
Election Of Pope Pius X 1903 2min Ferdinand Zecca, Lucien Nonguet France French NR
Évian: Procession De La Fête-dieu 1898 4min France French 4
Feast of Lilies at Nola, The 1909 1min Italy Italian NR
Feast of St. John at Rylo Monastery 1903 Bulgaria, United Kingdom English NR
Funérailles annamites 1910 3min France French NR
Great Corpus Christi Procession In Breslau, The 1901 1min Eberhard Schneider Poland, United States English NR
Great Temple Procession, Nikko, Japan 1904 3min Japan, United Kingdom English NR
Halifax Catholic Procession 1905 4min Ireland, United Kingdom English 5
Inauguration of Ribe Cathedral 1904 1min Peter Elfelt Denmark Danish 5
Jerusalem 1907 4min Léo Lefebvre France French NR
La procession de Sainte-Gudule 1897 Alexandre Belgium French NR
La Semaine Sainte à Séville 1898 3min France French 5
Laying The Foundation Stone Of Gustav Adolf's Church 1908 6min Denmark Danish 8
Le Caire: Départ du tapis sacré pour La Mecque 1897 1min Alexandre Promio Egypt, France French 7
Lourdes 1909 6min France French NR
Lourdes, Procession 1897 6min Louis Lumière France French 9
Manchester Band of Hope Procession 1901 7min United Kingdom English 8
Manchester Catholics Whitsuntide Procession 1904 11min United Kingdom English 7
Mariage du prince Victor-Emmanuel 1896 1min Charles Moisson France, Italy French NR
Pèlerinage Arabe 1909 3min France French NR
Procession 1896 France, Switzerland French NR
Procession du T.S. sacrement du miracle 1897 Alexandre Belgium French NR
Procession of Armenian Monks, Including the Abbot-Archbishop St. Lazar, Venice 1898 2min Italy, United Kingdom English NR
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession 1897 5min Robert W. Paul United Kingdom English 5
Vatican Guards, Rome, The 1898 William K.L. Dickson Italy, United Kingdom English 5
Wedding Procession In A Church At Rome 1903 1min Italy, United States English NR